Eat, sleep, breathe ART-is a concept that I have been working on for a few years. I have researched rental properties, discounts offered by utility companies, diff organizations for craft donations as well as small companies for paint supplies. I have two girls and we come from a family of artists. We make art out of recycled things mostly but we splurge for paints and markers occasionally. We all┬ábelieve that it would be beneficial if our city had a ART-CO-OP that could help kids from all backgrounds come together to be creative. Tucson AZ is a huge artistic community yet the youth has no outlet to express creativity. I would like to create an environment that can be self sustaining within a few years. As a parent we donate to our schools supplies because they ask us to. These supplies should be donated to our children’s CO-OP as well. If parents took more of a child’s view toward the reward art brings to kids they would see that it benefits them in all areas. I am trying to collect money to pay for the initial supplies as well as advertise to spread the word of the eat, sleep, breathe, ART CO-OP. All children involved would get to be part of a monthly gallery show where they get to invite friends and family to view their art in a gallery setting and feel the rewards of what they create. The gallery would be a non-profit and need the necessary licencing as well as signage. All art would be originals but prints would be available with donation. Donations would be used to fund the gallery space as well as art supplies. Kids are happiest when they create something with their own two hands. I would like to provide the place to do that. We would need help to get computers, art supplies, as well as framing the art and advertising the gallery openings. Other funding will be used to pay the cost of running the gallery.